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image of number one Discover Card
When Discover Card launched (long ago), they were not accepted at many places, but that has definitely changed. They are now accepted virtually everywhere. Aside from a standard small cashback on every purchase, they also provide larger percentage cashback payments when used at various types of establishments during specific quarters...Grocery Stores, Gas Stations, etc. If you don't currently have a Discover Card, it may be time to consider it. If you have a few minutes, click through to see if this option makes sense for you.

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image of number two Cost Plus Drugs - A Mark Cuban Company
This is not an ad or a partnership. This site is listed simply because it is a site that has been created by Mark Cuban to try and address the outrageous costs within the healthcare industry. The idea is simple. You see the costs to manufacture the drugs. They add 15% to fund the company. Plus and additional $3.00 for a pharmacist fee and another $5.00 for processing/shipping. The company negotiates significant discounts for many of the most popular generic drugs and passes along the savings. There are some examples of drugs that run hundreds, if not thousands of dollars and they sell for less than $100 on Cost Plus. Most drugs listed are significantly less money than that example though. Basically, if you regularly take any generic drugs, then click through and compare your costs. Depending on your insurance (if you have it) and your deductable, you may find that buying directly from Cost Plus makes the most sense, but it will really depend on your personal situation. While these are generic versions, you will need a prescription from your physician to place an order, but hopefully we have helped you find a way to save a LOT of money each month.

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image of number three GoodRX
No account needed. GoodRX simply displays the pricing on many drugs and where to locate the best pricing.

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image of number four Groupon
Feel like you miss out on all the best deals in your city? Have them sent to you daily by signing up for one daily email from the site below. Save money through collective group purchasing power! Huge discounts offered daily, but only if a large enough group of people sign up. If you ever change your mind about the Daily Email, just unsubscribe.

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**Aside from providing a network of free online dating & social networking community sites, Passions Network would like to help those members of the network who are looking for ways to save money. The sites and promotions listed on this page have been chosen based on an expectation that they could be of interest to members of Passions Network, although no guarantees are made as to the money saving potential of any individual site or promotion for any individual Passions Network member. Some offers may provide a commission or referral fee to Passions Network for informing members of these offers.